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ACE Computers


This is the sister company of ACE SOS.  With the high demand of technology that is now a staple in our lives, ACE Computers was formed.


Our rates are very competitive!  We go by the motto of:  If your computer issue has not been resolved, then no charge will be assessed.  It is that simple!  Why pay a technician if the computer has not been fixed to your satisfaction?  Many companies will still charge you for their time as if it has been fixed.  ACE Computers thrives on customer satisfaction.  Our business has grown based on customer referrals.



Services Include:

  • Setup and configure

  • Install parts and upgrade

  • Backup data

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Create system image/restore

  • Configure wireless/Wi-Fi

  • Install FREE anti-virus (from slected local ISP)

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